lots of knitting

I went knitting crazy around the holidays and right up until the day before Kepi was born, when I raced through a pair of slippers for myself. Here are some of my favorite pieces. Everything and more is on Ravelry.

An Elizabeth Zimmerman surprise jacket and elfin snowflake hat for the wee one…
Rainbow Jacket and Snowflake Hat

A chemo hat and shawl for my mom (I don’t really want to write a lot about my mom’s illness on this blog, so I’ll just say that she is seriously ill and we’re all doing our best with it and loving each other):

Matching stripey hats for the boys…
Matching hats for my boys
And mood-boosting, comfy-soft green slippers for me. Plus numerous mitts, cowls, and socks.


P.S. Now that I have my new phone/camera, most of the pictures on this blog look atrocious to me. I promise better documentation in the future!

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