more gardening glee

The P-Patch community garden has been working out great, happily taking up whatever time we can spare, and serving as one more reason why I hardly ever post on this blog.

Our garden mates are lovely people and far more experienced than we are. They seem to tolerate/appreciate my newbie enthusiasm and frequent ignorance, and they dote on Dandelionboy.

It’s wonderful how much space we share and how much produce is already coming out of there — not to mention the established and ever-expanding herb and flower beds. Here’s my dorky map, including numbered veggie beds that are now almost fully planted with beets, brussel sprouts, chard, squash, zucchini, lettuces, kale, broccoli, beans, and other goodness.

And here are Ben’s panoramic collages from a few weeks ago, giving a little glimpse to how wonderful the potential is.

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