keys to the secret garden?

I got an email from the Seattle P-Patch community garden program! After being on their waiting list for more than two years (maybe three? I’m not sure), it looks like we might get to join the Pelican Tea Collective Garden. That’s the one that’s tucked behind Fuel Coffee and Kingfish Cafe on 19th Ave here in Capitol Hill. We’ve been calling it the “secret garden” since we discovered it when Sagan was a baby.

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I’m waiting for details and hoping that a dozen people didn’t respond before I did. We wouldn’t get our own plot because it’s all communal, so I’m not sure exactly how the planning and planting process works, but I’m optimistic. DandelionBoy and I have been really really really wanting to work a bit of land. We planted a little container garden on our back patio a couple weeks ago, even taking a chance on some shade-tolerant veggies (carrots, kale, and mizuna lettuces). It’s been a lot of fun, but some of them are already looking peaked. There’s just not enough sun back there! Fingers crossed…

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