it’s all about priorities

I have so many ideas for this site and my shop, but they all have to wait. My real job is going nuts right now. After a painfully slow spring and summer, I’m getting hit hard with new clients, new projects, and tons of crazy deadlines. I’m absolutely not complaining. It’s actually a huge relief and I’m rocking it, but it means that my sewing machine will be collecting dust for a while longer.

I can only promise to try to get back here soon and share some pictures of a few things I managed to make last month before things got completely out of hand. And I definitely do still plan to restock the shop with fall/winter items. I have a few prototypes already, and plenty of supplies. It’s really just a matter of production time.

In the meantime, I’m proud to announce that I now have my own tab on Offbeat Mama — check out the brand spanking new Resources page!

And I’ll close with a moment of cute from DandelionBoy’s uber-crafty robot-themed 2nd birthday party:

sagan has a robot posse

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