box like a bird

This is a photograph of a public art project by members of the French Canadian BIJIOS collective. I found them through Abigail Doan’s inspiring art blog. To the degree I can understand it, since their blog is in French, their work seems fantastic, but the real reason I’m blogging this image is because I’m obsessed with those folding wooden boxes. They’ve been tapping at the back of my brain for a couple weeks now. Aren’t they freaking gorgeous?

Apparently there are quite a few vintage wooden folding sewing boxes out there, but this particular design is just so beautiful. I love the way it seems to arch its wings as it fans outward. It’s a true fantasy for an obsessive organizer like me. I have no idea what I’d put in it, but I could come up with a dozen great possibilities. That would be half the fun — deciding what was worthy of the box, arranging objects in each compartment, carefully juxtaposing colors and shapes, creating beautiful vignettes that also serve my creative efforts.

I realize I sound dreadfully avaricious. I WANT ONE. Unfortunately, the only similar one I’ve seen so far on Ebay is $50, including shipping, so I’m going to have to wait a little while before splurging.

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