fantasy project – triangle table

One of the challenges of considering oneself a crafty person is that you’re constantly seeing things that could be SO AWESOME if you just did a few little things to them. It’s often impossible to resist your vision and you figure out a whole plan and before you know it you’ve got dozens of half-completed or not-even-started projects piling up around you like disapproving relatives. Because, of course, you see BIG POTENTIAL in far more things than you have hours to dedicate yourself to working on.

Since there’s no spare room left in our townhouse and I definitely DO NOT have time to start any new non-Vocabulary projects right now, I had the good sense to resist this coffee table and chair set currently on sale at Goodwill for about $30, but I had to take a picture and fantasize for a few minutes. Yes, it’s ugly, but with a little work it could be SO CUTE.

Just imagine ditching the plaid and replacing it with a classic Marimekko print. Like maybe one of these:

Couldn’t it be so friendly and fun? I want it for the funky basement lounge I plan to have one day. You know, in the same house that has a library, a clawfoot tub, a huge herb garden with colorful mosaic paths, and a pool.

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