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Lately I’ve been worrying that some people may be turned off from buying some of my stuff because it’s made from used materials, especially the vintage bed sheets. This thought occurred to me before I even launched the shop, but I didn’t want to plant seeds of doubt in anyone’s mind, so I didn’t address it head on. However, after some consideration, I’ve decided that it couldn’t hurt to offer some reassurance. Even as a diehard thrifter who loves upcycled goodies, I know I would appreciate knowing that a crafter took cleanliness and quality seriously, especially if I was purchasing something that should only be washed in cold water.

So today I added the following at the end of all my upcycled clothing listings:


When I choose vintage bed sheets, pre-worn clothing, and other used materials for my work, I examine them carefully for stains and damage. I then scrupulously machine wash them in hot water, usually twice, including a rinse cycle with baking soda, to ensure that they are 100% sanitary and fresh-smelling. If small imperfections remain, I either use them as inspiration for embellishment (stitching, appliqué, etc.) or avoid using that area of the fabric. You can be confident that all upcycled items from the Vocabulary are clean and pristine.

Thoughts? Feedback? Did this concern occur to you? Do you think this note will adequately address it? Is there anything else I should consider or add?

3 thoughts on “clean and pristine

  1. Joriel! I had no idea you had an Etsy shop! Such cute stuff you’ve made! I linked to my facebook. :)

    In answer to your question I will only say this… as a crafter, I have often noticed that I am my own worst critic. And I worry all the time about things no one else ever noticed. I’m not going to give an opinion on whether or not you should make this particular note, that’s dependent on your own comfort lever – just noting a general trend I’ve seen in myself and many of the other crafters that I love.

  2. Thanks Dvora! I’m just getting started with the shop. Thanks for checking it out!

    You’re certainly right. I most definitely worry all the time about things that nobody notices – or at least never mentions. It’s an interesting exercise to put things in a shop and wait to see if anyone likes them enough to buy them. I’m trying very hard to let go about it and focus, as I said in in an earlier post, on exploring and enjoying the process.

  3. As a rather meticulous person myself (understatement?), I feel very reassured by a statement like this and it would positively differentiate your work from someone else I might find on Etsy. I can’t imagine that it would have a negative effect. :)

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