and we’re live!

After weeks of obsessing – and still probably nowhere near done – I’m making this site public and starting to let people know about The Vocabulary. Right now there are only six baby shirts and onesies in the shop, but I’ll be putting up the new baby/toddler pants soon. Those will be followed shortly by some women’s skirts. I also have some really awesome women’s short nighties on the agenda and some items for the home and men’s t-shirts. Stay tuned. :)

UPDATE: If you’re viewing this site on a Windows machine, the fonts probably look like crap. Sorry! Everything looks so pretty on my Macbook. I didn’t think I’d done anything to the WordPress theme that would create a platform/browser compatibility issue, but obviously I did. I’m working on fixing the problem… whatever the heck it is!

UPDATE 2: Problem seems to be resolved. Looks like it was simply my anachronistic preference for Courier over Courier New that borked everything. All I had to do was accept the New Font Order and let go of the 55-year-old loveliness of Courier. I’m told most people can’t tell the difference. Oh well.

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