shop launch! (sort of)

twitchy rabbit onesie

This little onesie is my first item for sale in The Vocabulary on Etsy. It’s not getting much traffic because I haven’t done any promotion and this website isn’t even live yet, but having *something* up for sale allows me to say that I met my self-imposed deadline to launch on May 20. Below is a screenshot of my search for “onesie” on Etsy just a few minutes post-launch. I’ve done a lot of searching on Etsy over the years, and it was exciting to see something of mine in the results for the first time.

first listing on etsy!

The process of launching this shop is slow. Everything takes much longer than I expect, partly for anxiety-producing technical reasons (sewing machine snafus, printing challenges, user error) — but also because I’m having so much fun. I keep coming up with new ideas before I finish the things I’ve already started.  More soon!

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