thrifted: sewing machine craft book

The Sewing Machine Craft Book by Carolyn Hall

DandelionBoy and I go to Goodwill about once a week to scout for vintage bed linens, clothing for recrafting, and whatever else is awesome and super-cheap. This week I was thrilled to happen upon this sewing machine craft book. Published in 1980, it has more of a 60’s and 70’s feel and it’s amazing! Full of great techniques and kooky projects. I wouldn’t do most of the projects exactly as they are, but it’s given me SO many ideas already. And there are a few freehand sewing machine embroidery alphabets that I’m sure I can use for future Vocabulary shop items. Score!!

I also found a child-sized guitar for DB for $3! And some bad-ass red heels for $5. But I was proud of myself for resisting a set of small glass dishes that was gorgeous but not practical. Because the shoes, of course, are practical. At the very least, they guarantee me a “free” dinner from my husband. :)

dandelionboy with guitar

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