dear world,

Dear world,

I’m still here.

I’m writing this [starting this] on my new and dearly beloved google phone at 3:30am while feeding my 2-month old. I just woke from a dream in which I gave an impassioned speech about social justice to an enormous audience and afterwards reconnected with many old friends and heroes. The dream leaves me bittersweet. Right now I’m more hopeful and full of ideas and inspiration than ever, but I’m also completely preoccupied most of each day with my beautiful baby. Thus this reminder to myself and anyone who’s still reading that I’m here. Eventually I will return and fix up this site and get back to writing.

I want to write about:

  • how you can’t really be an introvert with a baby – and yet are forced into a particular sort of isolation
  • how amazing Sage is – and all babies are
  • recent career revelations
  • writings that have inspired me
  • the unbelievable joy and relief I feel when I think of Election Night and the Obama presidency

Of course, I can’t prioritize blogging or even writing right now. I limit non-baby tasks to a handful each day and I can’t put much above laundry and doctor appointments and maintaining a tenuous hold on my self and my closest friends and family. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Sage is doing great and I love him madly. But life is so radically different that I’m barely keeping up. I think this is the inevitable circumstance of new motherhood. It really hasn’t been long after all!

One thought on “dear world,

  1. Thank you for this. It’s so good to hear your “voice.” At seven months, I’m still wobbly trying how to figure out how to balance it all. Yes, two months is just a short time. You’re still in the infancy motherhood. Today was a hard day, and it brings me great comfort to know that you’re muddling through it too. I have been thinking so much about the isolation and how it often seems next to impossible to get out of the house around feeding and napping and such. And also feeling sheer amazement at my daughter and the miraculousness of it all. Oh, I am so in love.

    I have a gift for you coming. I only need to get it all wrapped up AND make it to the post office. I’ve been trying to do it for a week. Sigh. It will be on its way before Thanksgiving, for sure.

    Oh, and that picture of Sagan is just about the cutest thing ever.


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