20 weeks!!!

hedgehog onesie

On Saturday, I’ll be at the halfway point of my pregnancy. At 20 weeks, “your baby can hear sounds now, and it will cover its ears with its hands if a loud sound is made near you or move if it is startled.” Is that not the most adorable thing? Especially when you’re looking at a picture like this, it’s so cute to imagine little bitty hands clapping themselves over tiny ears. 6 inches long!!

We’ll find out Friday afternoon whether our baby is a girl or a boy, so the baby craziness is kind of taking over this week.

baby crafting binge

4 thoughts on “20 weeks!!!

  1. I have to go with you on this one. I think a separate url is a great idea, and even if it’s only for your peace of mind, doesn’t that make it worth it? I can’t wait to get reading.

    re: your recent crafting. I wish to god you had dressed me when I was wee.

  2. i really think the little clothes are adorable. and bah, what does one more website hurt? do it man!

  3. the clothes are super cute! I agree with you Joriel. Even though I have and love kids I sometimes cringe at the gushiness on some of the mommy blogs. I try not to write too much about the kids on my blog.

  4. congrats on having a baby! And that onsie is adorable. I don’t think having a baby infiltrates everything. I try to put minimal details on my blog (due to some friends who’ve had rough patches) and it hasn’t been TOO hard, you know? I say gush all you want at your new URL (although, I like reading baby stuff, so if you put it here, I wouldn’t be bugged by it).

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