the news that’s been keeping me quiet

You know how when there’s one big thing you can’t say, it’s hard to say anything else? That’s been me and this blog for almost three months now, ever since I found out I was pregnant. Yup, if all goes well, I’m gonna be a mom somewhere roundabout September 6.

Today we finally heard baby’s heartbeat. S/he was shy for a while and making us kind of nervous, but everything seems to be going just fine. That little thump-thump-thump was by far the best sound I’ve ever heard in my life. I pretty much feel like the luckiest person on the planet right now.

If my rhapsodizing is making you nervous, be assured that ballsy will not become a babyblog. If I start feeling compelled to share every little detail of pregnancy and mommyhood, I’ll create a new separate space for that. But at least now I’m not sitting on the most important thing in my headspace, so perhaps I’ll get back to posting more than once a month. :)

!! BIG NEWS !!

7 thoughts on “the news that’s been keeping me quiet

  1. Oh, love, I’m so very happy for you. Ramon and I were on tenterhooks all Wednesday and couldn’t even mention it when Ben was over, we were so nervous. Thank you for letting everyone know so quickly.

    I’m desperately in love with wee Sea Monkey already. As I am with you and Ben. Be well, the three of you.

  2. YAAYYYYYY I am so excited for you both! How incredible…what a miracle of blessings.



  3. It was killing me that I couldn’t blog the news after receipt of that amazing email. (I had been in the midst of incredibly angstful political blogging and desperately needed a break.) Thank goodness you’ve done it (and included that utterly gorgeous photo) so, if I feel compelled to do so, I can link to it and say hey look! Something wonderful is happening!

    So happy for you all. You’re going to be an wonderful mama.


    well yes, but it would take much more pie.

    Glee of glee of frolic of gleedom

    Much love to all three of you.

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