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As a kid, I loved Knight Rider. When you’re eight, there’s not a lot cooler than a talking car. For my little brother and me, Knight Rider was right up there with The Incredible Hulk and Transformers. [Sidenote: I know I’m not the only one out there who still can’t read or say or even think “transformers” without playing the “more than meets the eye” jingle in her head. That’s definitely a contender for most powerful earworm of all time.]

Anywho… now they’ve made a new two-hour Knight Rider TV movie. I probably won’t ever actually watch it. I’m sure it’s as bad or worse than the original show. But I still couldn’t resist looking into it a little. If you can tolerate the ad beforehand, this little interview with The Hoff is hysterical. Or at least it is to me. Something about that freaky man just completely cracks me up. And if you’re not already fed up with this little trip down memory lane, here’s the original Knight Rider Intro.

Yikes. I think this post proves that I burned up some brain cells today. Maybe I’ve been working too hard…

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  1. Oh wow, I was such a Knight Rider fan too. As you might imagine, with my car fetish and all. :) That sound when the red lights moved “whoob whoob”… I want to hear that.

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