"my loneliness has emptied the world"

I haven’t been feeling too great lately. I haven’t finished any of the now much-belated holiday gifts I mentioned in the previous post, the apartment is a wreck, and I’m too tired to make excuses. However, I did finally post a bunch of pictures from the holidays, including a few things I made, up on flickr, and that’s enough of an accomplishment for today.

Also, because you deserve some joy today, I offer you 1 minute and 4 seconds of funny courtesy of sweetie. This is an excerpt of Ben reading at the Salon of Shame earlier this month from a story he wrote in high school. One morning he woke up and all the people in the world were gone, except perhaps Kelly (the girl he had a crush on)…

4 thoughts on “"my loneliness has emptied the world"

  1. Oh, darling, I’m sorry everything feels so wonky. My grandma used to remedy the blahs by drinking equal parts honey and vinegar, warmed slightly. Do you…? No. No, I thought not.

    Ah, don’t we all remember that feeling? Walking alone at night, longing for our love and feeling like the black hole in our chests would finally swallow the stars we were gazing at.

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