peak weekend

I had such an amazing weekend! After an exceedingly enjoyable Friday night with our friend Saundrah, Ben and I got up Saturday and went straight to the as-is section at Ikea. We were looking for one or two new dressers to replace the broken crap that’s been gunking up our bedroom. We scored something even better – a big bookcase that fits perfectly in the space. I couldn’t resist spending Saturday night reorganizing the whole room, and it looks gorgeous now. We finally have a grown-up bedroom.

the before pic is on flickr - if you dare! :)

Saturday afternoon I finally got my new tattoo. Most of it, anyway. I still have to go back in a couple weeks for the color but all the outlines are done and it’s utterly fabulous. Seattleites, I can’t say enough good things about Alexis at Laughing Buddha. She’s amazingly talented and just a very cool person.

i'll write more about this soon

Saturday night also featured Blade Runner: The Final Cut at Cinerama and late in the evening a surprise visit from the lovely Andrea.

Sunday morning Ben continued my new favorite weekend tradition by bringing me coffee in bed. We hung out in our gorgeous new bedroom for a long time until we finally had to get up and get ready for a photo shoot with Elly. The three of us went first to the old Bridge Motel in Fremont where some graffiti artists have been hard at work. Ben and Elly snapped away while I just soaked it in. There were owls involved.

Then we went to a cemetery in Queen Anne, where I modeled for them in the gothiest outfit I could assemble. I’ll let you know when they both get their sets up. Elly’s already posted her favorite picture here. Can’t wait to see the rest!

Finally, as the icing on the cake of a perfect weekend, my friend Cristy came over for dinner Sunday night, and we walked down to Harvard Exit to see Control, the new movie about Joy Division’s Ian Curtis. It was great catching up with Cristy, and the movie was beautifully filmed and surprisingly funny — at least for the first two-thirds or so.

It’s all just the beginning folks. My birthday’s tomorrow, and I plan on celebrating right through next weekend. Wheee!

7 thoughts on “peak weekend

  1. I think that must be the coolest tattoo I’ve ever seen and I’m sure it’ll get even better. Here’s to a wonderful Birthday!

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  3. Oh, boo, it ate my comment twice! Let’s see what I can remember…

    Love the tattoo! Very pretty, reminds me of the one up above in the track-back.

    Love Ikea, love that bookcase!


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