For my fellow Joss Whedon fans who thought of Firefly when they saw the previous post, I just want to make sure you’re aware of the new show in development. It’s currently scheduled for Fall 2008, but of course the writers’ strike is a major factor.

I really hope that gets resolved soon. If I were a studio executive — even if I didn’t care about common sense, fairness or human decency — the prospect of trying to fill my immediate schedule with bottom feeding reality shows would be more than enough to convince me that writers deserve a share of money made from their work online or anywhere else.

4 thoughts on “dollverse

  1. Oh, man. I just got chills – CHILLS, I tell you! – at the thought of 1. Joss doing something new and 2. ELIZA STARRING IN IT! There’ll be no living with Ramon now…

    You are a doll (hee, hee) for bringing this to my attention. Faith lives!!

  2. aw, screw faith. bring back Mal! let poor Nathan do something other than pathetically pithy roles he doesn’t deserve. Mal lives!

  3. scuttlebutt from my friends on the picket line (writers on “Pushing Daisies”) is that’s it’s going to be a long haul… prepared to lose 6-12 months of origianl programming…and then we willsee the film industry hurting in about a year….right now they’ve got lots to film….

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