i prefer 'gauntlets' to 'armwarmers'

I made a set of these a while back for a friend and never got around to blogging them. This is the second pair of gauntlets I’ve made out of an enormous pair of black sweatpants I wore all through college. This was back when all my clothes were way to big for me and I was generally grunged out and depressed. Ah the tuneful agony of the early 90’s.

I know that some folks view gauntlets as an iffy fashion choice for anyone over 25, but they’re an integral part of my wardrobe. Firstly, they’re cute. Secondly, I’m always cold and warmth on your pulse points is a proven way to keep body temp up. And finally, my arms are abnormally long such that many of my coats and jackets are too short in the sleeves. Basically if it’s fitted at the shoulders, it will be way too short on my arms. Strategic use of gauntlets keeps me from looking like I’ve outgrown all my clothes. Like those adorable Mrs Beeton’s (for you knitters out there) but not so froufrou.

And darnit, I like kneesocks too. It’s a beautiful cycle, you see. My friends recently clued me in on the brilliant technique of using old kneesocks to make armwarmers after the heels and toes wear out. Of course. So obvious it’s hard to believe it never occurred to me. But now that it has…

five minutes later

4 thoughts on “gauntlets

  1. Cute gauntlets! Especially the knee socks pair. How did you attach the yarn to the top pair? That’s a cool idea.

    I’m getting A LOT of use out of my Mrs. Beeton’s. Just love them – froufrou and all :)

  2. Thanks Wendee! The yarn was machine-stitched on with a decorative stitch before I sewed the side seam. I kind of sewed over the main filament while leaving all the fuzzy bits free. (It’s Esprit yarn by GGH. Supersoft.)

    And I do think the Mrs. Beeton’s are awesome, especially yours! If I had the patience to make a pair, I can think of tons of things I’d wear them with. Froufrou definitely has its place.

  3. I love armwarmers. I don’t know anybody who would think they are an “iffy fashion choice”. I live in NYC and they are perfect bc your arms/hands are warm, but yourfingers are out to do stuff let get your metrocard, change your ipod or put on lipbalm. Also, coats w. 3/4 length sleeves are superstylie and I love how my armwarmers look poking out of the sleeves. These are supercute!

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