yay CSA!

Last year Ben and I loved getting our weekly box of produce from Willie Green’s Organic Farm. It pushed us to eat healthier and inspired me to experiment with vegetables I’d never cooked before.

But then the farm got hit by floods and had to cancel subscriptions and regroup. After almost a year of dillydallying, I finally got around to researching and joining another local CSA. I just picked up our first box from Full Circle Farm. Isn’t it beautiful?

carrots, lettuce, spinach, pluots, nectarines, chives, peppers, potatoes, and more!

I actually got a brochure in the mail from Willie Green’s the very day after I sent in my check to Full Circle. They’ve renewed their program. I feel kind of bad that I didn’t wait a little longer, even though I couldn’t have known. Still my pick-up location for Full Circle couldn’t be better and the small box has an awful lot in it for a very reasonable price. We’ll see how it goes. Yay for supporting local organic farmers and having fresh seasonal yumminess delivered right to my neighborhood!

6 thoughts on “yay CSA!

  1. hurray for CSA indeed! We get a box from Pioneer Organics, I love it! It’s an amazing bounty that just COMES TO OUR DOOR!


  2. Hi Joriel,

    You lucky thing. We are in England at the moment (pending my visa to the US) and we have to drive for an hour and a half to get produce like this.

    I am so looking forward to settling-down in Seattle. Lisa, my wife, is from there.

    Love your Blog.

    Take care,

  3. I love fresh veggies! I’m signing up for a local organic veggie box this week! I can’t wait, yum-yum!

    Hope you are doing fabulous!

    xo, Kara

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