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Having blogged about burningman, shambhala, meadowfab, and the moonlodge, I would be remiss to leave out another great episode of my summer. Don’t miss the recent flickrization of our visit from beth! It was so wonderful to have her here. I love it so much when my Virginia people come to visit. And we finally got around to doing the Underground Tour. Not as cool as I’d hoped to be honest, but still worth doing.

i'm eating one of these right now and it's fantastic

gratuitous pear shot courtesy of yelahneb

4 thoughts on “more reporting

  1. Not really. They’ve got platforms and pathways to keep the tourists out of the nasty parts. And the prisms are prisms in name only because they’re too dirty to make any rainbows.

    I wouldn’t discourage anyone from doing the Underground Tour. You’ll learn a few things about the city, the guides are great, and it’s cool just to go through some of those “secret” doors you see around Pioneer Square.

    Just don’t expect too much. From what I understand the tour has gotten shorter over the years. Businesses on the upper levels own their underground space and not all of them are willing to contract with the Underground Tour. It’s mostly just dark passageways, skylights, and some cool historic photographs. Maybe a few ghosts. :)

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