moonlodge report

this was along the path as I walked in from the car

When I arrived at Sacred Groves on Friday some part of me felt a little bit like the crumpled leaf in this image. The sweet cedar balm of my weekend at the Moonlodge was exactly what I needed – beautiful, peaceful time and space to let all the many happenings of the last few years settle and rearrange themselves within me. As much as that’s possible in 36 hours.

Actually, it seems to be quite a bit more possible than I would have guessed. Me and my journal worked some stuff out, and simply getting away from the computer, the phone, and all those daily human struggles of duty versus desire versus distraction created an opening for healing.*

With a little nudge from Ariel, I even created a Yelp account so I could jump on the Sacred Groves bandwagon. If you’re in the Seattle area and the following circumstances apply, you may be in need of a weekend at the Moonlodge.

  1. You’re a woman. (Sorry boys, no sleeping in the Moonlodge, but you can still enjoy Sacred Groves.)
  2. You’re stressed out and/or soul depleted.
  3. You dig the idea of stoking a fire, heating your own hot tub, and melting into it.
  4. You have friends you can relax with in a quiet forest. Or you need some time for you.
  5. You’re not terrified of spiders, frogs, or slugs.

this little guy hogged the hot tub all day saturday

* Yup, I’m completely hippied out now. Side note: I learned this evening that I was once obliquely referred to as a “gypsy whipsy type”. I’m fascinated by the implications.

3 thoughts on “moonlodge report

  1. Sounds like it was the perfect elixir for you. i know what you mean about the funk, mine’s more of a fog….(here’s why…

    I wish you peace and good tidings from the its-still-too f’in;- hot east. But as I walked the dog this morning I can feel the foreshadowing of crispness.


  2. I’m pretty sure I meet all of the above conditions, except for (dammit!) the Seattle part. Pesky details!

    After this week, I could really use it. I am the definition of ‘depleted.’

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