harvest moon

Seven things you might do tonight, in honor of the first full moon of fall:

  1. Go for a walk at sunset. Head east to the moonrise.
  2. Wave to the Jade Rabbit.
  3. Host a feast.
  4. Chase moonbeams.
  5. Eat mooncakes.
  6. Make chai (much better when brewed on the full moon, or so I hear from Kara, who used to be a chai witch for Morning Glory Chai. Optimal brewing also requires dancing around the kitchen.).
  7. Become a werewolf (not recommended).

I’m planning on 1, 2, and 6. And 3 tomorrow night.

Bonus link — full moon painting with owls!

4 thoughts on “harvest moon

  1. Oh that’s wonderful! I’m so glad the recipe is out there for anybody who wants it.

    I’ve actually brewed two batches already, experimenting a little more each time. They were extremely yummy, but I think that tonight’s batch — aided by the full moon — will be the best so far.

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