sweet shambhala

Oh what a wonderful weekend! I can’t wait for everybody to flickr their pictures of Shambhala. This gorgeous one is a preview from arielmeow.

ariel meadow, ben, ariel meow, me

My camera mostly stayed at the bottom of my bag because I was too busy dancin’ and relaxin.’ The only thing I have to share is this:

owl projection screen, part of the fractal forest stage

It’s very difficult to work after having so much fun. Especially with my NEW SEWING MACHINE tempting me constantly!

i spent twice as much as i planned!

You can count on seeing many projects completed in the next couple weeks. After some serious people-watching at Shambles, I’m full of ideas for Burning Man costumes. Even though I’m already missing the special quality of my beautiful antique Singer (which I’m sure I’ll still pull out from time to time for simpler projects) this machine does so much more. Buttonholes! Easier zippers! Decorative stitching! Overcasting! I’m completely geeking out.

2 thoughts on “sweet shambhala

  1. shambhala + a new sewing machine = best post ever!

    i’m glad you had a great time at the festival! i can’t wait to see the pics. the added prospect of more festival crafty goodness is really exciting too. :)

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