re-craft: lotus hoodie

I’m in a flurry of packing for a musically delicious weekend in Canada, but I wanted to finish getting this up first.

Some of you are going to see this before picture (as in before I ripped out the GAP logo) and think I’m a total masochist.

isn't ben just adorable here? he loves to Act.

Yes, it was a bit tedious, but it’s not like I did it all in one furious sitting. I fiddled with it for about two weeks, whenever I’d be watching something or talking to someone. Then I got to do the fun part.

i enlarged a sublime stitching design

Ben digs it.

on the road to Shambhala

I have a feeling I’ll be borrowing it every chance I get. And I’ll probably go back and do some more stitching on the petals later too. After I finish about a zillion other projects.

6 thoughts on “re-craft: lotus hoodie

  1. I love this re-craft! The new design looks fabulous!!

    Hopefully I’ll be brave enough to start on my own embroidery project soon. I just keep psyching myself out!!

    Have a great time at the festival!

  2. I remember when those hoodies were cool! I altered mine so Gap Athletic would read “apathetic”. Oh, the 90s.

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