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Meadowfabulous was a pleasure from beginning to end. There are tons of pictures going up in the flickr pool. As I write this, sweetie is working his way through the 700+ pictures he took. I just took a few to commemorate our evolving approach to camping.

packing up sucks - but it's worth it!

When I met Ben, I was a pretty hardcore camper. I had a tiny lightweight backpacking tent that was ostensibly designed for two people but was uncomfortably cozy when we slept in it together – especially before we were dating. After three years of barely tolerating this situation, my claustrophobic sweetie decided he’d had enough . He demanded a tent he could stand up in and talked me into splurging on the Hobitat.

After that it was a rapid ascent in camping luxury. The new tent is so big and heavy that hiking into a camping spot isn’t very appealing. And of course we had to buy an adapter to plug the laptop into the car lighter. So, why not bring along an electric inflatable mattress and a mini-fridge?

Sleeping bags and pillowcases stuffed with clothes are no longer sufficient. Now we make our campbed with a full set of sheets, three unzipped sleeping bags, extra blankets and two fluffy pillows apiece. Add on the costume wardrobe that we’ve been accumulating and we are, without a doubt, disco camping.

With even more extensive camping on the near horizon, I’ve been concocting additional upgrades to our set-up. I’m thinking we need a set of color-coordinated storage tubs, maybe one of these hanging organizers, and definitely an appropriate doormat. This one rocks, but I think it clashes with the color scheme.

5 thoughts on “disco camping

  1. Closest I’ve been to camping lately was crashing out in some profoundly uncomfortable chairs early this AM at the Columbus, Ohio airport. (What I would have done for a nice Hobitat!) Ozzfest was a great time, I should say, but I suspect, somehow, very different in vibe from Meadowfabulous. I had a few moments of wondering how you would interpret that environment. Maybe someday I can drag you (we’d have to pack special vegan provisions though) :-)

  2. Disco camping? It sounds much better than the redneckesque ‘camping’ that my wifey’s family does. Picture an a trailer park in the middle of an Indiana farmers field, ATV’s, dirtbikes, mopeds and gas powered golf carts flying around the ‘campground’ making so much noise that I could get more peace and quiet sitting on the side of I-95 in D.C. rush hour traffic. Needless to say, we don’t go ‘camping’ with them anymore. But Disco camping sounds fun.

  3. yeah man! that is luxury! i love that you guys are so forward living while roughin’ it…

    i miss camping….

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