furry festival quilt

This project is not recycled or particularly kind to the environment, but I love it anyway. I bought a bunch of fake fur off the remnant table at the Pacific Fabric & Crafts Outlet (a little slice of heaven, BTW). I was going to wait until I had a backing attached and did the finishing, but I just couldn’t wait to show you how psychedelically fabulous it is. Yay for Lily and Shon’s serger!


This is going to be just the thing to snuggle up in when the evenings get chilly at festivals this summer. August is a huge month for us:

I’ve had to turn down some great work projects because I knew I couldn’t meet expectations with all these exciting plans next month. Better be worth it!

perspective provided by Mischa

8 thoughts on “furry festival quilt

  1. The sunken kitty feet say it all! That looks amazingly comfortable. HAHAHA and the part of me that’s still bitter about my time in AZ wants to say “That looks like it’s made out of ravers!”

  2. What a completely fabulous blanket, Joriel! If it survives the festival season I will request some time to simply pet the faux fur goodness when it’s in the RVA.

    Plus, that Micha paw goodness is made of joy. :)

  3. Hi there! I’ve randomly come across your site and it’s full of fun stuff!!

    Good luck with the blankets, and have fun at Shambhala (I’m from Nelson…close to Salmo) and you should have an Amazing time! You should definitely hit up some lakes and cliff jumping if you have the chance!!

  4. For some reason that kitty legs pic makes me really happy. Wait, I know why: I’m a crazy cat lady.

  5. Don’t buy a serger! You can have the one in my basement that I can’t figure out how to use. I might even figure out a way to get it to you if you like. Let me know.

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