another recraft

photo by arielmeow

I finally finished this shirt for Ben that I blogged about long ago. He convinced me that it would work if the shirt was inside out and that the exposed seams would echo the roughness of the design. I think he was right.

I also uploaded some of my backlog of pics to flickr, including a handful of new crafty projects. More to come soon. And I haven’t forgotten about the green index! It’s just so hot and I have so much work to do. I find myself on the couch reading whenever I have a spare moment.

I’m on a run of excellent books. Susanna Clarke (of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell fame) has a fantastic new book of faerie stories, and I snagged an early paperback through QPB. I adore her wry sense of humor and devoured the book in a few days. I finally finished The Glass Castle. Memoirs that can take something as devastating as Jeanette Walls’ childhood and turn it into something beautiful are an inspiration to me. I think it probably takes a lot more courage to write a memoir than a novel, and she does a brilliant job of portraying the humanity of every person in her crazy family. Miranda July’s new book of stories is so crisp and tender and delicious that reading it made me question my entire identity as a writer. But that’s nothing new. The day I feel completely confident as a writer, the sky will probably fall in and I’ll lose all motivation. So back to work with me now! See you soon.

3 thoughts on “another recraft

  1. cool shirt, love that shade of green you used.
    The Glass Castle was quite a read, eh? Her writing is so amazing and objective. Not what I would expect considering her circumstances.

  2. Come christmas I’m going to let you sort through some of the 70 years worth (not mine alone, some inherited) of fabric scraps I have stashed in those plastic bins in my laundry room. You actually do stuff instead of saying, gosh,that would make a nice …. I’m gonna toss it in this box and save it for when I have time. I also remember reading from long ago. It has something to do with paper and pages, right? I almost drooled when you mentioned the Clarke book. Need More Time!!!!

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