Happy solstice! I have many half-written posts in the queue but sunshine and deadlines keep calling me away. So to keep this blog limping along, I’ll just share a few things real quick.

I’ve been making stuff. Some of the more exciting things are still in progress, but these hoops are done…

beware the chaos hoop

…except for my favorite one which I’m going to have to order more pink glitter tape to finish.

like a DNA helix

The Fremont Solstice Parade last weekend was awesome. More pictures will be up on Flickr soon, but in the meantime, how awesome is this?

taken by sweetie, sorry it's fuzzy

And a rose update. The first bloomer, as you can see in the hoop picture above, is going like gangbusters. My other two full-size bushes are barely hanging on but have each produced a single perfect bloom. Here’s my best pic.

the other one is deep dusky red

It’s time to update my seasonal green index thingamagiggy, but if I don’t manage to get to that tomorrow, it’ll have to wait til next week. I’m going to be completely useless this weekend, hanging out in Twisp with these degenerates.

4 thoughts on “summer!

  1. I saw that big tree-guy sculpture at art walk a few months ago … I love it. LOVE IT. I wish all art was that benevolent and nurturing.

  2. YAY! i’m so proud of you and your mad hoop making skills…now you gotta come on over and hoop in our yard w/ me! :)

  3. very pretty crafty stuff! i especially like what you did with your jacket : )

    i hope you’re recovered from the bocce weekend of bachanalia : )

  4. a belated welcome to leandra! Thanks — and I look forward to getting to know you better instead of just running into you every time I go to madison market. :)

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