re-craft: branded jacket

My mom got me this jacket at Nordstrom Rack when she was visiting. I love the color and the nice long arms, but I wasn’t down with the DKNY logo.

the before pick - don't sue me DKNY!

I don’t have any particular grudge against DKNY, but I thought I could do better. This is what I came up with. Three cheers for the magic of iron-on transfer pencil and Craphound #5!

the heart is a muscle the size of your fist

The grey is a scrap from an old disintegrating t-shirt of Ben’s that I cut up to salvage the cool robot design. Mr. Robot will eventually appear on a laptop bag (snagged at a conference and currently emblazoned with at least 8 different logos).

I was going to stitch the vein lines inside the heart, but I kind of like how it looks now. Anybody think I should go back and stitch the veins?

6 thoughts on “re-craft: branded jacket

  1. OMG, I LOOOOOOVE this! I have a Jobster sweater that I need to do this with … one of these days, I swear.

    Also, I have a bunch of fabric samples that a friend in LA gave me. I want to pass them to you, because I’m not very crafty these days.

  2. The quote for the photo really grabbed me – I’m guessing it’s from Ariel Gore’s book? I loved that book! Nice work on the jacket!

  3. Thanks all!

    Kai, I think I got that quote in my head when I saw this t-shirt in a catalog some years ago. It’s always stuck with me.

    And Ariel, I’m all about those fabric samples! :)

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