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Lest y’all think me totally unreliable, here’s the update on our attempt to put the kabosh on wheat for two weeks. I’ve been committed. I even resisted the vegan ravioli that was crying out to me at the market yesterday. Problem is we keep realizing that stuff has wheat we didn’t know about. Like I forgot that soy sauce has wheat (tamari is okay). And I accidentally ate some field roast (that was dumb, should have realized it’s grain-based and mostly wheat). I also mistakenly ate some spelt bread that actually had wheat flour in it. So we might have to extend the diet to get the proper effect, but we haven’t bailed.

I haven’t remembered to write down every meal, but I can tell you about the yummy dinner we had last night – quinoa with mixed veg, grilled portabellas, and salad with grape tomatoes.

I’m big into quinoa lately. I even mixed up some little pre-measured baggies of 1 cup quinoa with mixed dried vegetables (from the bulk section at the market, intended as a soup base) and various herbs and spices. So now it’s really easy to brown the mix in a little oil, add 2 cups water, and simmer for 15 minutes or until water is fully absorbed and grains are tender. Quinoa is super healthy. Though considered a grain, I was interested to find out that it’s more closely related to leafy green vegetables.

Apparently quinoa grows with a coating of saponin, which has a bitter taste. Generally any quinoa you buy in the store has already been processed to remove this, but giving it an extra rinse can clear off remaining residue. I actually skipped that step because I don’t have an appropriate fine-mesh strainer, but I figured it was worth sharing.

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  1. Here’s a blog you might be interested in: (if you haven’t already discovered it.) The author’s future husband is a chef at a restaurant here in Seattle that will whip you up a mean gluten free meal. Her site offers many links and resources for a gluten free diet.

    Also, while we’re on blog referrals, you can find some kick-ass vintage owls at this thrifty site from time to time:

    Did Display and Costume have any more of that owl ribbon?

  2. I’ve decided i’m comign to live withyou for a week….I’m feeling little or no traction in the expanding my horizons and eat vgean-healthy not just vegan- easy (if that makes any sense).

    I’ve just moved and I’m struggling iwth my schedule- trying to fit in a wokrout schedule and a meal-fixin’ schedule.

    So I figure I’ll come stay with you- get my vegan- goodness-cookin’ on and it’ll be all better.

  3. I never rinse it off either. I do not have a strainer. I can’t make pesto either because I don’t have a food processor.

  4. Stephanie, great recipe. I really like that site, and plan to whip up this gluten-free cookie mix over the weekend. (We’re finally going to do our spring cleaning, so we’ll need all the incentives and rewards we can get!)

    Wendee is also rocking the awesome linkage! I really want some of those dainty little thrifted coffee mugs. Unfortunately, no joy on the owl ribbon. (That would be this Wendee scored a while back.)

    Tina, hang in there! Things will settle down.

    Shannon, personally I think pesto is better if you chop the basil by hand. I just use a little mini cheapy food processor to grind up the pine nuts before I stir them in. (Yeah, it’s more of a pain and I don’t make pesto as often as a result, but man it’s good.)

  5. Hey Chica!

    Send me your snail mail address and I’ll send you some yummy raw wheatless treats my friend makes. She’s the woman who founded the organic veggie coop I work for. Some of her krackers are in stores (YaYa’s RawRah brand), but the best kookies are only sold in Houston.

    Best wishes,


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