ribbons and drums

We went to Folklife this afternoon. Pictures coming soon, but you can already enjoy this video of dancers from the Morning Start Korean Cultural Center. Everybody was oohing and aahing when they did their thing.

I didn’t get video of the The Peoples Rhythm Party because I was hooping. But they were excellent — and Ben has pictures coming.

5 thoughts on “ribbons and drums

  1. Hey, i don’t mean to be annoying, but did you read my question about facon in the comments section a few posts down? I really don’t know who else to ask! Thanks!

  2. Sorry Shay! I don’t have much insight for you. I use Fakin’ Bacon by LightLife when I really need a bit of bacon flavor for a recipe. It fries up yummy for a BLT or in a breakfast hash with veggies and potatoes. It has the essential taste, but not the texture of bacon. It’s just flavored tempeh. I don’t know of anything that duplicates the texture of bacon, and I haven’t tried other bacon substitutes.

  3. Thanks. No problem. To bug you even further, do you know how to take pics off a cell phone onto computer? You did it before, and you seem just about as computer-dumb as me. That’s it, i swear. Thanks again!

  4. I’m not computer dumb!! I may not be a supergeek, but I know my way around some gigs.

    That said, I think I’m going to decline responding to that question. It just depends on your phone, the software you’re using, etc. I was doing fine for a long time with Motorola Phone Tools (a software that came with my phone) until it started acting up for no apparent reason. Fortunately Ben has now figured out how to transfer things on and off our phones with Bluetooth.

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