BABES play

I’ve been doing childcare once a week while the women of BABES Network develop a play about their experiences living with HIV. I’m really excited to see the performance, which they’re calling Positive Dreams – Weaving Stories of Our Sisterhood. From what I’ve heard and seen there are some really funny parts, some heartbreaking stories, and at least one wild and crazy dance number.

rehearsal - picture from linked press release

It’s being performed at Central Cinema, June 6-10.

Seattleites, get more info and tickets here!

One thought on “BABES play

  1. Wish I could see this – looks like a great project. I did get to see, however, one of the premieres (at the Byrd) of Life Support, a movie based on the story of an HIV+ mama/activist Andrea Williams. She’s done amazing street outreach work, and she was there at the premiere to speak and do a Q&A. Very much worth seeing.

    Glad in any case that you’re contributing the child care for this project. You’re such a good egg. (Can I say that about a vegan?)

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