wire spiral bookmarks

Wire is one of my favorite things to craft with. Books are my favorite things.

So obviously…

silver wire bookmarks and one made with recycled spiral binding

jenn, i'm really going to read it now. seriously!

9 thoughts on “wire spiral bookmarks

  1. Thanks y’all. It’s good to feel the love. I was a little discouraged that my latest logo swag re-craft shirts didn’t get any comments. They were a lot more work than these little baubles! (Yeah, I know I should be all zen about whether my posts get comments or not, but I’m only human. And I was thinking about starting a Flickr pool focused on the logo re-craft idea, if there was interest.)

    I think I might take some of these bookmarks to APE (the Alternative Press Expo in SFO this weekend) and just give them away to some of my favorite zinesters and artists.

  2. BTW, full disclosure, these bookmarks were inspired by the paper clip charms in that thrifted Martha Stewart Good Things book I mentioned a while back.

  3. My long silence probably answered that question, but the answer is no. Sorry Meredith, but even if I had the time, I don’t have that kind of skill. :)

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