Ben and I both have various reasons to suspect that we may have wheat allergies or intolerance. So we’ve decided to go two weeks without eating wheat.

He’s already been wheatless for two days. I’ve been toe-in-the-pond girl, making little exceptions each day. After all, did I really have a choice yesterday about eating the last cupcake (okay, and a half) from Ben’s birthday?

But they’re all et up now and the two weeks began today. We’re just cutting out wheat, not gluten altogether. We can still have spelt bread, which I’ve recently discovered makes yummy toast. But no wheat in pasta, bread, or anything else.

Day 1

  • breakfast: spelt toast
  • lunch: applesauce & cereal for me, soup & salad for ben
  • dinner: lentil burger (no bun) with sprouts & tater tots for me, veggies & tofu at teapot for ben

Tomorrow green vegetables! Seriously. I’ve got kale and broccoli and plenty of salad to redeem me in the coming days from the carb fest that was today.

In other news, I took a yoga class today and got a one month pass at Samarya. I’m so inspired by the classes I took in San Francisco, and I know it’s worth it to get my yogini on more consistently.

4 thoughts on “wheatless

  1. Joriel-

    Do keep me informed as to how it goes, I’ve been feeling that I, too, am a little wheat intolerant. How do you like the spelt bread? What bread alternatives have you tried?


  2. Stephanie, thanks for the great links! I’ve already found vegan wheat-free donuts!

    Tina, I like the spelt bread a lot, especially toasted. I tried rice bread recently and it was nasty – very dry and tasteless. I’ve also made oat bread in the past and it tastes good, but (at least with the recipe I use) the texture is more like cake than bread. Also, a friend of mine who can’t do gluten at all says she likes millet bread, so that could be worth a try.

    Kathy, bring it on! I’ll take whatever you’ve got that’s fast and easy because I really don’t have much time for cooking in the next couple weeks.

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