This weekend is my second annual San Francisco getaway weekend. Sweetie got his trip to NYC. We went to Portland together last weekend. Now it’s my turn. (And then we put some serious brakes on the spending!)

I’m staying at this hotel on Union Square.Hotel Stratford exterior

You see it, right? The LUSH shop right next door? That was a deciding factor. I’m planning a weekend of geeking out all day at APE and various bookstores and museums. I’m going to try to fit in at least one drop-in yoga class, and see if I can get one of the professional reflexology sessions I need to get my certification. At night I’ll chow down at awesome restaurants, soak in the tub with some brand new bath bombs, and lounge on the bed eating chocolate, reading, and watching crappy movies. Heaven!

I now have a new camera of my very own, so I’ll be able to share my adventures with you and start actually posting pictures to my Flickr account.

I’m still trying to get over my guilt about being out of town on Ben’s birthday weekend. His actual birthday is tomorrow and I’m planning to spoil him rotten. But he’ll be having a birthday party this weekend and I’ll be off indulging myself. Bad life partner! On the other hand, he practically twisted my arm to buy the tix for this trip, and the other partygoers have promised to drunk dial me with a report so I guess it’ll be okay.

7 thoughts on “self-indulgence

  1. AWESOME- I was in Sf in 1992, lived at 775 Post (Post and Leavenworth! Over on Geary right near your hotel) was a great middle eastern place- best falafel i ever had!!! (on Geary between Mason and Powell and you walk towards union square park-left side of the street.) the reason I remember it so well it is where i ate every day for the most part. or you could try alturca 800 block of geary (nob hill)

    Also down on Polk Street was a great Chinese place- Wing Lee (little hole in the wall joints…of course there’s also Chinatown, enjoy!! it may be closed but here’s the addy: 1810 Polk Street/Jackson St., SF

    Can’t wait to see the pics, read the story. I really did leave my heart in SF.


  2. i’m missing ben’s b’day too…i’ll be back in Portland! maybe we will dial you from the dancefloor! :)
    have a great time in SF. say hello to Lush for me!

  3. Hope you had a blast in SF. Here’s some unsolicited Momily advice. Remember Emerson’s words and give yourself space. It’s one of my favorites and I bet you know it by heart too.

    Give all to love Obey thy heart; Friends, kindred, days, Estate, good fame,
    Plans, credit, and the muse; Nothing refuse.
    …(but) keep thee today, tomorrow, and forever, free as an Arab of thy beloved.

    Hugs darlin’

  4. Liz and Hugh and I headed to San Fran next week, Joriel, your blog could not have been more timly for us! We are also going to be in Big Sur, the Grand Canyon, and Tucson… any other restaurant suggestions for our trip?

  5. That’s so exciting! You’re going to have so much fun. I wish you were coming to Seattle. :(

    When I travel, I always rely on Happy Cow to help me find veggie food. They’ve got a great international database of restaurants. Here’s their listing for San Francisco. I especially recommend Herbivore, Golden Era Vegetarian, and — for a really fancy and amazingly tasty meal — Millenium.

    Also, Peace Cafe is simple but nice if you’re checking out Haight-Asbury and Golden Gate Park.

    And don’t miss Tina’s recommendations in the comments above.

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