re-craft: more logo swag

Ben’s back with his camera and I can finally start showing you all the things I’ve been working on. First, I finished two more logoware re-craft shirts, using the same method as the first one.

This one was actually a white shirt. I dyed it with some tea to make the color more subtle. It’s a bit washed out in this picture, but it’s kind of an earthy pale peach.

replaced logo with machine-stitched branch applique and hand-stitched bird


it's not really crooked - just looks that way because of the photo angle

Little owl with beady eyes on purple corduroy with silver star detail.

little owl in the night sky


hoot! i need to be ironed!

I’ve also been working on another shirt for sweetie, but it’s not working out quite right. The shirt doesn’t have a logo – it has a weird glue stain irregularity and a small hole from my attempts to scrape off the glue. But when he’s wearing it, the patch just doesn’t look right on that spot. It needs to be higher, and it can’t go higher without exposing the stain and hole. So, I may have to use the patch on another shirt. He’s got several old black ones with logos I could cover, but it sucks because I like this color combo.

yet another thing i haven't finished yet

2 thoughts on “re-craft: more logo swag

  1. I could have sworn my comment posted days ago!! Boo!

    I LOVE these Joriel. I’m thinking of making a little “patch” for a green shirt I have that has some kind of weird stain on it. I can sympathize with Ben! :)

    And I’m completely inspired by you!

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