re-craft: calendar

This is the last of the crafty projects I completed while Ben was in NYC. I’ve hardly made a thing since, so thank goodness for backlog.

I posted a while ago about how much I love Nikki McClure’s calendars. I got inspired and started recycling my 2006 one into 3×5 flat cards, matching envelopes, and even a couple CD sleeves for a gift (A – your CDs are coming, really! I plead technical difficulties and beg your patience).

Below is my favorite set of cards & envelopes and it actually includes a couple pieces from this year’s calendar. Yup, I’ve already started recycling 2007. I’m a freak!

recycling the talent of another (you rock nikki mcclure!)

2 thoughts on “re-craft: calendar

  1. I am going to make cards this weekend with the 2006 calendar you gave me. I am so psyched about this idea! In fact, I think I will make CD covers too.

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