re-craft: bottlecaps

This a goofy little project, but it took less than an hour so I don’t feel totally ridiculous. I keep a small container of bottlecaps that I think are pretty, and I’m always trying to come up with fun ways to use them.

i will rock your high-fructose beverage!

For this, I just hammered some nails through the centers of the caps to make holes and stitched them on with a few silver sequins and beads. I like the suggestion of X and O. The black cuff is a scrap of fabric from an old pair of sweatpants that I’ve been slowly using up in various projects. I folded it in thirds and machine-stitched a bunch of uneven lines to create a nice padded, but not bulky, base.


5 thoughts on “re-craft: bottlecaps

  1. I don’t know if I’ve told you this since I received this awesome gift, but I love this bracelet. It was a wonderful gift and I wear it all the time! Plus, when I get comments on it I get to tell people how awesome you are and that they should peep your blog. :)


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