You may think I’m neglecting this blog a little. It’s not true! I’ve been very busy, but in fact I’m nurturing all kinds of exciting – to me, at least – posts for you.

Most will have to wait almost a week (wahh!) because the various crafty projects I’m wrapping up can’t be photographed until Sweetie gets back from NYC with the camera. But I’m planning a major spring cleaning this weekend and will be passing on a few green cleaning tips. (You’re on the edge of your seat right?) Plus, more reflexology tips and a report on my upcoming Infinity Facial this Friday with the allegedly amazing Fauzia Morgan, who is married to a former co-worker of mine and who I had the pleasure of chatting with at the recent jumpsuit party.  She and I were pretty much the only sober people there – me because I had a cold and a reflexology class the next morning, she because she’s a paragon of healthy holistic living. I’ll be giving her a reflexology session next week and if I’m very very lucky she’ll like it enough to trade with me in the future. My skin would be so happy!

For now, I’ll just tell you quickly about my deck garden, which finally sprang into action on Monday. As usual, I’m focusing on herbs: two types of rosemary, two types of sage, thyme, lavender, mint, and basil. A couple of these survived from last year in spite of two seasons of neglect, but most are new plants and the basil is germinating in a greenhouse tray right this very minute. There are also some daffodils, an anemone, and, if the seeds sprout, lobelia, poppies, and wildflower mix. Plus by some miracle four roses still survive from the larger collection I inherited when our neighbor Jen moved into her new condo last year. I killed the rest of them off with a remarkably effective combination of ignorance and willful dereliction of duty. Roses are just so intimidating!

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  1. Oooh – I can’t WAIT to see your garden. It was so beautiful, even when you were [allegedly] neglecting your plant-plants.


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