noughties and teens

Since this decade is more than half over already, I’m finding it increasingly disturbing that we haven’t agreed on a name for it. Apparently, according to my beloved Wikipedia, the term Noughties (pronounced like “naughties” and based on “nought” as in zero) is widely accepted in Britain. Here we’re still fumbling around everytime the desire for a shorthand arises. The Two Thousands certainly doesn’t roll off the tongue like the Eighties or Nineties did.

One possibility for the upcoming decade (2010-19) is the “Teens.” I find it amusing to imagine that history may eventually record the prime period of my life as the Noughties and the Teens. It sounds so lascivious and immature. Definitely not the evolved modern age we’d like to be living in. But kind of fun too.

3 thoughts on “noughties and teens

  1. I don’t know. 1910-1919 was “The Tens,” but Wikipedia doesn’t seem to offer a name for the first decade of the twentieth century. And a few quick Google searches didn’t turn up any answers.

  2. hrmmm. I think it’s interesting that this problem arises oh, every hundred years and we still haven’t found a creative solution to it!

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