holistic is audacious

I updated my tagline. (Yeah, I know, I can’t help being a marketing geek. I’m not evil about it.)

Anyway, the line under the logo used to be live audaciously, but I decided to get the word holistic in there. Wholeness is what I’m going for in my life, and I think holistic living is audacious. It takes guts to embrace the full range of life’s possibility and to keep doing it even though the work is never done.

It’s so tempting to plough or tiptoe or slump through life just trying to cope with whatever comes along. We may find ourselves merely slinking around our fears or reeling toward the next object of desire. Sometimes that’s all we can manage and we have to forgive ourselves. But we’re screwed if we stop caring.

Trying to live consciously, to pay attention to our own needs and talents and passions, as well as those of the people around us and our larger communities and our entire planet, trying to see the whole picture and act accordingly—that’s frickin hard. But I get riled up about it anyway, and it’s what I feel driven to write about and it’s what this blog is really about.

That and my random whims and raves and musings. Thanks for reading. End of soapboxing.

2 thoughts on “holistic is audacious

  1. I enjoyed you sharing your decision-making process. You refined your original statement, so it more accurately describes your aim. Way to go!

    PS Thanks for being a non-evil marketing geek. It improves my perspective to see that those exist!

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