finally flickr (?)

Yesterday I tried to blog a picture from Flickr and invite folks to see my new San Francisco & APE photo set. That post was here, wasn’t it? Did anyone else see it? Cuz it’s not here now and it’s not in my RSS feed or anywhere else, and I have no clue how or why. Sometimes I’m just not the geek I want to be.

5 thoughts on “finally flickr (?)

  1. I saw the pics….I love that town! What conference did you attend?

    I’m looking for some literary conferences to attend over the course of the next 12 months, since I did not get into grad school, and would like to pump up my CV with conference participation. Any ideas? I will not make it to the International Willa Cather Seminar in Paris this summer- bummer. (Willa was the topic of my master’s thesis, so I guess I’m a fledgling mini-scholar).

  2. Yeah, we were having some intermittency on our cable connection that night. I think the post must have gotten eaten up. It’s definitely not saved.

    The other thing on there was a link to this photo set by cartoonist Mikhaela Reid, for anyone who might want to see an insider’s view of APE. (Tina, it’s not really a conference. It’s the Alternative Press Expo, a big exhibition of independent and self-published comics and zines and other cool stuff. Lots of fun but no CV-building as far as I can tell. So sorry to hear about grad school!)

  3. The best of all geeks have their days when the universe just seems out to get them and/or their (as we are calling it now) “content.” You’ll spring back forthwith, I am quite sure.

    Anyway, I’ve been dragging my butt for so long on setting up a proper and up-to-date Flickr page (my free placeholder page has only 4 pics, which are ages old), in part because for some reason, I want to keep giving PicasaWebs a try – sets are here, but I don’t know if I’m going to keep doing that… we’ll see.

    Sorry have been off the radar, much going on. Monday will be unreachable for 8 days, long story. (Hence am doing more twittering than blogging as such, between now and then.) Will try to catch up w/ you via email or phone or whatever else is possible either before or after.


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