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Dooce linked to this 12 minute video of Craig Ferguson speaking frankly about addiction. It’s sincere and surprisingly funny. The guy is a brilliant comedian, and it’s sad that this kind of honesty is so rare in popular culture.

I promise not to keep ripping off Dooce all the time (I quoted her last week). I’m well aware that a lot of people read Dooce, but if one more person sees this video because of me, I’ll be a happy camper.

4 thoughts on “watch this

  1. Great video. I loved the piece Dooce wrote a few days ago about Britney Spears. It’s a sad shame she is the subject of so many jokes, because ultimately it’s rather tragic.

  2. I like Dooce’s sense of humor. It helps me laugh at myself.

    Kathy, I agree. I’m not big on feeling sorry for celebrities in general, but it’s got to be hard to get legitimate support in a crisis when you’re constantly followed by paparazzi and surrounded by handlers and sycophants.

  3. I also agree. What I find chilling in the nation’s derision for the crazy hijinks our celebrities get up to is the general lack of compassion shown for people who, as we say, have more money than sense. We curl our lips and watch their lives unravel and think that it’s no more than they deserve. And however little I care for celebrity worship as a cultural trend, the scorn for the hurting still galls me.

    Dooce kills me. Man, if that’s a mommyblog, get me one of those.

    Guess I need to have a child first, hey?


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