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My hair is orange.

I used Rainbow Henna in Mahogany, on top of week-old Light Mountain Natural henna in Light Red. I mixed the mahogany henna with Red Zinger tea (per directions in the package) to try to get more red tones. But it still ended up a sort of russety orange. Henna is fickle and most of my hair has been bleached, so I guess I’m lucky it looks a good as it does. It covers the roots pretty well, and it’s growing on me. I’ve decided to embrace it for a while. I’ve never been big on the color orange, but it has many associations I can get behind, especially right now in my life: fire, warmth, creativity, and the oft-neglected sacral chakra.

Plus, henna is pretty awesome stuff. My hair is so soft and healthy-feeling that you wouldn’t know how much I’ve been abusing it for the past couple years (dying, bleaching, dying, color removing, re-coloring, re-bleaching, etc.). And at $6, it’s the cheapest haircolor I’ve ever used.

For further reading, here’s an informative article about natural and cruelty-free hair coloring.

9 thoughts on “the hair post

  1. Nice color. I tried henna one time and I looked like Yoko Ono on a humid day. It just doesn’t work with my hair, but apparently it’s working great for you.

  2. Thanks for the link. Your hair looks lovely – I can’t wait to see it in person. Despite the protestations of Anne Shirley and Bette Midler, orange hair is beautiful.

    I’m going back to that article to see if there’s a cruelty-free black dye that I can buy in bulk…


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