Sweetie had a breakthrough with getting the pictures and other data off our cell phones (we’d been stuck for a long time with only being able to delete or keep but not transfer things off our phones, for boring technical reasons).

So now I suddenly have a full year of random poor-quality snaps available to share. Hope this isn’t too obnoxious.

A few moments of Ben:

benbenagainalso benben once more

Aerialista at the roller derby last October:

aerialista in action

Owl cookie, owl jacket, and other images from the Urban Craft Uprising:

owl animal cracker cookie owl jacket - wish I could remember the crafterwristlets - love the metal loopknitting as embellishment on a skirtadorable fingerless glovesguitar pick earrings

And finally, and most self-indulgently, a year in the life of my hair. Who is this narcissist? I never met her before. (Seriously, the hair thing is 90% impulsive fun-seeking and 10% trying to keep up with the pace of changes in my life, if that makes any sense.)

white in february 2006pink and white in july 2006pink in september 2006blue in december 2006

3 thoughts on “snaphappy

  1. Hey darlin. I have a question. Totally unrelated, but humor me. If a person would like to be a vegetarian but all she eats in the way of veggies is corn and potatoes, could this person pheasibly maintain this lifestyle? Thanx.

  2. Momily, Ben says if you email him the make and model of your phone, he can probably help.

    Shay, people can go a long time eating the same thing all the time. Ben had been more or less living on pasta and boca burgers for years when I met him (with occasional reprieves via Momily’s cooking). But at some point staying healthy and enjoying vegetarianism/veganism requires more variety.

    This article from the Mayo Clinic is one of the quickest, clearest primers I’ve seen about going vegetarian or vegan. It covers the basics well with a focus on getting adequate nutrition.

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