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I’m working on a client project today, and when I’m done with that I’m itching to get back to work on my various new websites. I can’t wait to unveil them!

Plus, once I get something more substantial up at, I can start blogging more about reflexology. Mostly fun stuff.  Perhaps some celebrity foot analysis by yours truly, student reflexologist? For example, I have absolutely no authority to suggest that the way this mystery celebrity’s long second toes bend towards his big toes could mean that he is both visionary and self-important.

guess who these feet belong to

Seriously, reflexology isn’t really about amateur psychoanalysis, although a person’s feet can reveal a lot about them. Nor is it a painful form of quackery, as many of the articles I’ve been receiving since signing up for Google Alerts for “reflexology”suggest. This morning I finally received an alert about this refreshingly positive and informative article: Reflexology Finding Its Feet in a Modern World. Check it out and I’ll get back to you when I have more than these crumbs to share.

3 thoughts on “reflexive crumbs

  1. I give up. Who owns those feet?

    Also, no one in any of the new age arts could possibly be quackier than the new age lady who runs the magic store right here in Lakeside. Did you ever go there? And did I ever share this story with you? At least they have some good Goddess-y gear… ironically, it’s where I got your and Ben’s utterly impractical commitment ceremony gift*.

    *the gift is what I’m calling “utterly impractical.” Not (of course!) your commitment. Ha ha ha, I am such a language dork.

  2. Ha! I’m right there with you language dork.

    A hint: This picture was taken from the packaging of a CD where the celeb in question is lying on a hotel room bed.

    I don’t know why I don’t just tell you — or didn’t just tell everybody in the first place instead of being all “mystery celeb” about it… But now that I’ve done so, it’ll be kind of fun to see if anybody else guesses.

  3. Oh well, guess this wasn’t very interesting. The celebrity is Moby. The picture is from the inside of the packaging of his Hotel album.

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