re-craft: sweater

Nothing very original about this idea, but I like how it turned out.

Old sweater that I never wore because it was itchy and too small (but couldn’t give up because I liked the colors so much):

crappy too-small sweater

Becomes new pillow for the wonderful new sofa that our neighbor Jen donated to us when she bought a bigger one:

sweater side

side two, made of leftover fabric with a little quick embroidery

The fabric side is nice and soft, so the itch-factor of the sweater won’t inhibit couch-cuddling. I plan to make another pillow soon with the second side of the sweater, but I only had one pillow around to cover last night. I think I’ll also make some fingerless gloves out of the sweater sleeves at some point.

I’ve been crafting even more obsessively than usual lately, probably because it’s such a welcome counterpoint after hunching over the computer and typing feverishly all day. (Yes, I know I shouldn’t hunch, but I have some serious ergonomics issues with my desk set-up and I haven’t figured out how to solve them yet.)

7 thoughts on “re-craft: sweater

  1. Thanks! The fabric is brushed cotton with a faint stripe in it, leftover from a skirt I made in a class at Stitches last year (which turned out way too big and will at some point be remade).

    I did the embroidery. Anybody can do running stitch. It was really fast.

  2. This is seriously adorable! I do adore the embroidery. I’ve decided that it would be good for me to learn a “trade.” You know, something useful. I really want to learn how to sew. So, expect some random e-mails from me asking your opinion on sewing related awesomeness. :)


    Do you like wooden needles–I have a guy where I get hand turned needles if you want–they are so much nicer than metal–and easier on your hands.

  4. You mean wooden needles for embroidery? I’ve never seen or tried them. Sounds wonderful.

    I do prefer bamboo needles for knitting – not quite as fast but so much lighter and more comfortable.


    I’m posting this since I’m guessing that some other might love this. The guy who does it is a one man shop, and if you crochet, the range of needles is astounding. And the wood–stunning. Totally go there. Plus Bill is really nice and knows me and my love of wooden needles by now. I got my first pair of his knitting needles and I was “HOOKED”–I had just gotten the crochet needles before.

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