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I’m afraid you’re all going to start thinking I’m a spoiled princess, and sweetie might confirm it. But honestly, it’s completely unprecedented for me to get three surprise presents from three different people in the span of a week. Yesterday, I received this amazing necklace and earring set made by my dear friend Nikole from kyanite, czech glass, and sterling silver. Check out her other designs. She’s so talented!

Plus, we finally got the Nikki McClure 2007 calendar, which slipped through my fingers (a.k.a. sold out) twice, but is now available again. I hadn’t been able to bring myself to buy any other calendar after being spoiled by her 2006 work, so this is big news.

5 thoughts on “more prezzies

  1. I still have the 2006 Nikki McClure calendar you gave me. I must find something crafty to do with it because it’s so awesome. Any ideas?

  2. Good question Kathy. I’ve been trying to figure out the same thing.

    I’ve thought about making bi- or tri-folded greeting cards, even though the paper’s a little thin.

    I’ve also thought of doing another star or two. That wouldn’t be ideal for showing off the lovely designs, but it would be pretty and at least a good option for smaller leftover pieces after doing something else with the rest.

    Since the month & date is worked into each design, it wouldn’t work to frame one as is, but perhaps two or three could be cut out and layered together (or one could be layered over something else) to create something frameable? Or to decorate the cover of a journal or notebook.

    Another possibility I just thought of is using some of the simpler design elements to make stencils. They’re ideal for that since they’re cut from paper. I can picture the February crows and the July jellyfish in particular painted on a t-shirt or just about anything.

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