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I finally finished my new homepage and the writing section.

It’s been tough. It stresses me out to think about myself for extended periods of time. It’s one thing when it’s private (self-examination for personal growth), but it’s a whole other nightmare when it’s self-evaluation for public consumption. I should be used to it, being partnered with someone who loves to take pictures of me and post them all over the internet, but I’m not.

I hope it was worth it. I think it looks pretty good, definitely better than my old site. It feels hopelessly egocentric, but hopefully it looks smart. (Could I be more insecure about this?)

I’ll be continuously updating with new portfolio samples and testimonials, but for now I’m thrilled to be moving on to other projects, like the much less self-involved reflexology site. Since I’m not certified yet and I’m only doing practice sessions on people I know and friends of friends, the site will be mostly about education, not self-promotion.

8 thoughts on “me me me

  1. I really don’t want to sound like a bitch, or deflate your sense of confidence, cause it really is a beautiful site, but i have seen many pics of you that make me gasp, and that is not one of them. take the pic of you at ariel’s offbeat bride party, with the veil. you look stunning. You are way prettier than that picture. Please dont hate me. :)

  2. Thanks for the compliments and the feedback!

    I’m not offended Shay. There are more flattering pictures of me, and even that one is much prettier in color. But I chose it because I like the expression (direct, thoughtful). More importantly, it’s the only relatively recent picture of me that’s appropriate (can’t use the one in the bridal veil, obviously) and in which I don’t look really young. Usually I’ve got the pigtails going or some goofball expression on my face.

    For professional purposes, I figure it’s better to look like the 31-year-old I am than to look prettier but 16. At some point, when my schedule and Ben’s schedule and the angle of the sun magically coincide, I’ll probably get him to do a proper headshot for me and then I’ll switch it out.

  3. I particularly like the way the mouse-overs on the homepage work: They are a soft but powerful way of exposing your wordsmithing. Rock on!

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