This blog has some clearly defined themes, and I intend to keep up with them. But once again I need to digress into the personal. I’m feeling like the luckiest person on earth right now, in spite of various setbacks and the current vacuum in our savings account.

I came back from a delightful lunch with the lovely arielmeow to find yet another surprise prezzie in my mailbox! My friend Jenn had mentioned putting something in the mail for me, but I was expecting a card, not a full-blown double whammy present. She remembered me saying how I really want to read one of Vendela Vida’s novels and sent me this book and a sweet card and a fantastic owl necklace that she picked up at an outdoor artists’ market on vacation in South Beach. I’ll post a picture of the necklace soon. All that just because she loves me. I have such amazing friends. You rock Jenn!

Plus, my career is picking up speed very nicely these days, and I feel like I’m doing quality work. I ♥ freelancing. Also, my new website is going to be way hotter than what’s up there now.

In gratitude, I give to you all my favorite new quote, something director Michel Gondry said to Lauri Faggioni, the artist who created the adorable fabric boat and animals for Gondry’s movie The Science of Sleep. She talks about it in one of the movie’s DVD extras, and it’s stuck with me as a wonderful inspiration for taking risks and (excuse my schmaltz) following your dreams:

If an idea is good, it’s on the verge of being stupid.

3 thoughts on “gratitude

  1. Damn, that’s a brilliant quote. I shall have to swipe it at some point (in which case, props to your props will be given).

    Wish I could send you a giant care package full of pinecones and books and vegan goodies and six feet under memorabilia and fresh poems and every other randomly desirable and beautiful thing.

    Instead, I’ll just send my love to you and yours. Doink!

  2. So glad you both like it!

    Your love is more than enough, dear V, and I thank you for it. Anyway, I can’t have all my friends sending me surprise prezzies all the time — this place is already way too small for all our junk!

    And you don’t have to give me props to swipe the quote. It’s all Gondry.

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